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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

William Butler Yeats

Various Curricula and Material Suppliers:

Veritas Press

Robinson Curriculum

Greenleaf Press

The Great Courses

Christian Book Distributors

Video Text


Vision Forum

Rainbow Resource Center

Castlemoyle Books



Apologia Educational Ministries

Dover Publications

The Learnables

Farm Country General Store

Learning Adventures


Lost Classics Book Company

Keepers of the Faith

HOMESCHOOL VICTORIA (Trip to The University of Texas' Open House in Austin, Texas)
Educational Resources (click on a link from the list below to jump to the information)

Resources for the giftedTesting and AssessmentWorksheets-Lesson Plans-PrintablesCatholic Resources,   Other Christian Resources Classical and Charlotte Mason, Distance Learning and TV as educational resource, Free Massive Open Online Courses, Accredited ProgramsHomeschooling High School,  Various Subjects: Science, Math, History, Grammar, Spelling, & Literature, Self Publishing Tools, Teaching Reading, Foreign Languages including FREE Spanish!

Resources for the Gifted: back to top

Duke Talent Identification Program

Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

Education Program for Gifted Youth

All kinds of Minds

Testing and Assessment: back to top

THEA - (Texas Higher Education Assessment) the test formerly known as the TASP Take the practice THEA
The Victoria College administers this test to high school (homeschool) students who wish to dual enroll.

College Board- PSAT/NMSQT  SAT ACT information and testing location, registration, and prep.   If your child is college bound sign them up for "My College QuickStart" and get information to help prepare for college.

Released TAKS Test - FREE assessment in the privacy of your home.  Released tests, answer keys, and scoring guides.  You can print them out or take the online versions.

Test Prep Review - Your Source for Free Practice Tests (clep practice tests)

Clep Lesson Plans

California Achievement Test from Seton testing services -  administer in your home at your convenience for just $25.00

Seton Testing Service - Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers $25.00

Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and Printables (Supplements)  back to top

Packaged  Curricula is expensive, but learning is free!  Take advantage of all the free resources out there on the internet, in your community, and at your local library.  Use them to design your own curriculum or ‘course of study’ to fit your child's learning styles or interests.

Typical Course of Study (curriculum)-  though many homeschoolers would say they don't adhere to a traditional scope and sequence or curriculum this site will give you a general idea of what the average child is expected to learn and when.

A to Z Home’s Cool—Homeschooling Web Site—This site will answer any question you have about curriculum or homeschooling.  This is the most comprehensive educational website that I have found. Search for lesson plans or links to information on any subject.

BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology, Math, English Animation and Educational Site for Kids


Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Discovery School  Free teaching resources and personalized classroom materials

Puzzlemaker Use your spelling words or make your own lists and create puzzles!

Homeschool.com Your Virtual Home School

Enchanted Learning

ABC Teach 500+ free printable pages and worksheets

Education World

A to Z Teacher Stuff free online lesson plans, lesson plan ideas and activities, thematic units, printables...

The Learning Page Theme Sheets, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans

EdHelper Math, Reading Comprehension, Themes, Lesson Plans, and Worksheets

Catholic Resources: back to top

Emmanuel Books Catholic Homeschooling Materials

Catholic Heritage Curricula

Mother of Divine Grace School An independent study program dedicated to helping you design your own classical curriculum.

TAN Books and Publishers

Seton Home Study School

Sophia Institute, Home of Sophia Institute Press and The Catholic Reader

Other Christian Resources: back to top

Trivium Pursuit Online—Homeschooling in a Classical Style
Trivium Pursuit is a Christian Classical Homeschooling website that stresses moving in a natural progression from "real life" learning to the more formal types of education. Check out their article on "Ten Things to Do with Your Child Before Age Ten".

The Foundation for American Christian Education
With The Noah Plan curriculum, the Foundation believes that education will enable succeeding generations to reclaim the character and Biblical principles needed to sustain our constitutional republic and liberty with law.

Heart of Wisdom Publishing Bible first, Charlotte Mason Unit Studies.  The Heart of Wisdom teaching approach is a combination of several teaching methods organized around a two sided curriculum base: God's Word and God's World. This method is specifically designed for multilevel teaching. This approach includes a four year suggested course of study designed to be repeated every four years

Distance Learning and your television as educational resources: back to top

FREE Resources:

National Repository of Online Courses High School, AP, and College Courses online FREE

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US History, physics... FREE

Wonderful list of free educational resources for autodidacts!

Annenberg Media: Teacher Professional Development - You can either watch the program from the web or browse the videos!  FREE

The Teaching Company—”The Teaching Company brings engaging professors into your home or car through courses on DVD, audio CD, and other formats.”  Watch for their sales!  A few local homeschool families have used these videos and the Victoria Public Library has a few that you can check out for FREE.

Why just read the chapter on Ancient Egypt when you can see  the pyramids, the Nile, and mummies on your living room television set?  Check out programming schedules to see how your family can turn your television into an educational resource:

History Channel

Discovery Channel

Animal Planet

The Travel Channel

Houston PBS

KLRN San Antonio

Also, the Victoria Public Library has educational DVDs and Videos on various subjects that might be of interest to your family or that might compliment your curriculum.  You could check-out these videos and watch programs about History, Science, or Geography while you eat popcorn in your living room!  I would have loved to do more of that when I was in school.  There is more of a selection at the UH-Victoria College Media Library.

Free Massive Open Online Courses:  
back to top

UDACity -
Free online self-paced college courses.  Some courses lead to college credit for a fee.  

Coursera - Free online college courses from major universities.  Many courses lead to a Certificate of Completion.  

EdX -
Free online college courses from major universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, UT...  You can audit the course or choose to recieve a Certificate of Mastery.  

Video Instruction:

"Teach With Movies" 

Video Text “VideoText Interactive is an innovative company that is blazing new trails in math education.  Our newest program, "Algebra: A Complete Course," is a video-based interactive new way to learn Algebra from start to finish, and students love it!”  Several local families have enjoyed this.

Standard Deviants - educational videos and DVDs - Jr High, High School, and College
Find a title that you would like to buy and see if you could check it out from your local library or if they could get a copy of it for you through inter-library loan.  There are many used copies on Ebay!

Accredited Programs:  
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K-12 Texas Tech University Independent School District

K-16 Education Center, The University of Texas at Austin

K12 Public Charter School - Fully Accredited FREE if you enroll in one of the participating public schools.

Homeschooling Teens
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See the resources above which include links to accredited high school programs and free learning resources for teens.

Local resources: 

Victoria Educational Associates - offers a driving course for teens

Cobra Athletics - competitive homeschool sports program for Junior High and Senior High boys and girls. 

Texas Hoyas Basketball

The Victoria Public Library - TEENS

Links to FREE online help and encouragement:

Teen Years, Homeschooling High School, College and Career Information by way of BestHomeschooling.org

Homeschool for High School Kathleen Duncan She has visited Victoria and if you would like to see the binder that you receive when you attend her seminar ask someone on the HSV Yahoo! Group as several families attended.

High School Homeschooling article list and High School Helps by way of Homeschool Oasis.  This is  A Senior High Designed Form-u-la website.  On this site you will find many resources for homeschooling families, articles on various topics, and encouragement.  There's an internet support list for those families with homeschooling high schoolers! 

Links to online resources:

SAT Question of the Day by way of The College Board

National Repository of Online Courses High School, AP, and College Courses online

Free Online Course Materials - MIT OpenCourseWare

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US History, physics...

Wonderful list of free educational resources for autodidacts!

Clep Lesson Plans Get college credit while in high school.

Older Kids - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
Includes links to information about Graduating from Homeschool, College in High School, Finding the Right College for You, Transcripts, GED and MORE!


Teaching Textbooks - "Put a Harvard tutor on your desktop."  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II and Geometry courses on your computer AND text.  Try their sample lessons!

The Great Courses (The Teaching Company)

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Local Resources:

Texas State Marine Education Center

Free resources and links:

Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources If you are using any of the Apologia sciences this site offers printable lab sheets, printable book marks with vocabulary words for each module, course schedules, and more!  Many local homeschool families use Apologia Science for their children and teens.

The Physics Classroom Physics Tutorial

WebElements periodic table of the elements - Scholar Edition Home

Robert Krampf's Science Education Company
Subscribe to Krampf's Experiment of the Week and get a free science lesson a week delivered to your inbox.

Zoom Kids at PBSKids.org
Make science fun!  Find a local channel and program time by visiting hereKLRN HoustonPBS

Home Science Tools
Get a free catalog of science tools - labs, specimens, microscopes, and MORE (1-800-860-6272)

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FREE MATH resources and links:

Khan Academy - Free math from pre-school to high school Calculus and more!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Math practice and instruction for pre-k all the way through high school.

HippoCampus "Your free one-stop educational resource" Homeschool families are using this site and others like it to help their students prepare for AP exams. It includes Algebra, Calculus, and Physics instruction. I read in an article that you should check with the College Board to get more information and to register for AP tests. (I haven't utilized AP instruction and exams in my home. I might be the local homeschool slacker, I don't know.)

I just found this on a homeschool mom's blog. It's free video math instruction via YouTube. It looks very promising! Browse the topic list at Khan Academy.

Cool Math "Bored with math? Cool Math can fix that!" Also check out Cool Math for Kids and Cool Math GAMES

BrainPOP Math Fun instructional videos. At one time all of the videos were free but only a few are now.

Living Math Home


Games can accomplish the same goals as work sheets so if your child isn't having fun with math consider putting down the workbook and playing games for Math instead. No downloads required:

CarrotSticks - Twenty five levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division FUN!  Practice your computation skills alone or challenge other students.  Educators (homeschoolers) can get a free account by contacting support@carrotsticks.com 

Multiflyer - Multiplication FUN online. It looks like only the multiplication practice is free.

Math Magician Games - by way of Quiz Hub

Math U See Drill Page - choose which fact family and operations you would like to practice*

Math Brain on Funbrain - Math games. This reminds me of Trivial Pursuit in that as the child completes various activities he advances along the virtual board.


Math U See - Many local homeschool families prefer Math U See for their children. 

Thinkwell - multimedia video lectures

Key to... Series - "Key to Fractions," "Key to Decimals," "Key to Percents," "Key to Algebra,"... For all levels.  I have heard wonderful things about the Key to... series from a few local families. 

Teaching Textbooks - "Put a Harvard tutor on your desktop."  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II and Geometry courses on your computer AND text.  Local families enjoy this program.  Try their free sample lessons!

LarsonMath.com - The Math Solution!  Online math software that takes your children all the way up to pre-Algebra.  It does the teaching and let's your child move at their own pace.  At least give the two-day free trial a test, it is fun.

Aleks.com - Online math program from third grade to calculus!  Try the two-day free trial.

Video Text “VideoText Interactive is an innovative company that is blazing new trails in math education.  Our newest program, "Algebra: A Complete Course," is a video-based interactive new way to learn Algebra from start to finish, and students love it!”  If you have questions about this program you can ask the Homeschool Victoria list for opinions as some local homeschool families use this.

History back to top

Local resources:

Pioneer Village Living History Center in Gonzales, Texas "Explore and experience life as it was in early Texas" To schedule a tour, or for more information, please call Mrs. Sandra Wolff, Office Manager.  830-672-2157

Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texas


Mystery of History- A Classical, Chronological, Complete Christian World History for All Ages.  This is actually used and enjoyed by some local homeschool families.  Also, there are a few local co-ops that use The Story of the World series for History. 

Remember that you can go to Hastings and ask them to order books including The Story of the World for you; this will save you on shipping.  Also, don't forget to apply for a Teacher's Discount card to save an additional 20% on your educational purchases!  (You do not need to be a card carrying member of a homeschool organization to prove you are a homeschooler - one mom brought a sample of curriculum used to show she was a homeschool-teacher.)


American History 102: 1865 - Present - free lectures and exams

Free Resources and links:

Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources If you are using Streams of Civilization for history in your home know that Donna Young's site includes schedules, teaching notes, and printable bookmarks with vocabulary and schedules for each chapter!  

History Central - History's Home on the Web.  Includes links to World History Time lines, Primary Source Documents,  and more.

Browse the World at mrdlowling.com

American History - The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - for teachers and students - Modules on Major Topics in American History

Digital History - Using new technologies to enhance teaching and research

Online Textbook

American History Time line - Interactive Time line of American History!  "..navigate through social, political, and cultural events.."

History Channel

Grammar, Spelling, and Literature
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How about publishing your child's book, artwork, or photos or creating a yearbook for your homeschool family or co-op?

LULU.com Self Publishing: Yearbooks, hardcover and softcover books, photo books, calendars...

www.blurb.com Self Publishing: Yearboooks, books, photo books, calendars, transcripts...


Easy Grammar is used by several local homeschool families.

Free resources and links:

Daily Grammar - Sign up for free daily grammar lessons or visit the lesson archive.

Free Spelling Lessons online

Learn to spell at EZSchool - weekly spelling lists for various grades.  Print out your list and play games online to help you learn your words. 

Bartleby.com: Great Books Online– full texts of classics online!  Includes The Harvard Classics and Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction.  Bartleby and SparkNotes or CliffsNotes could by your FREE literature in your home!

40 Places for college students to find free unabridged books online - and more!

SparkNotes - Free online study guides and multiple choice tests.

CliffsNotes - Read literature guides online for free.

"Instead of purchasing a literature program we use SparkNotes and CliffsNotes as our study guides.   When my teen finishes a book we use the multiple choice tests from those sites to assign a grade."

What you can't find at the Victoria Public Library you may find at the UH-Victoria College Library.  The Media Library at the UH-Victoria College has many classic books on audio. 

Online Magnetic Poetry

Kids' Kits Online - Play with words!

Teaching Reading back to top

Learn to read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics FREE

Foreign Languages
back to top

Various Languages:

The Victoria Public Library offers FREE language courses through Mango Languages.  All you need is a library card to set up your account and sign in from home.  Visit the library's database page and click on Mango Languages to get started.

Google Translate - Translate text, documents, and webpages.  

FREE Audio and Video Online Language Courses at BBC Languages

FREE Language Software Download from BYKI.com


FREE Spanish Proficiency Exercises from the University of Texas at Austin - watch videos online or download lessons to your iPod or iTunes.  Related videos, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar for each lesson for beginners to advanced Spanish speakers.  Great supplement or standalone!


Memoria Press: Latina Christiana - A few local homeschool families use Latina Christiana. 

Homeschool Magazines:

Life Learning Magazine

Home Education Magazine

Homeschool Enrichment

Homeschooling Today

The Old SchoolHouse

Practical Homeschooling Magazine

Educational Magazines:

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Mark Twain

Need to recycle (sell or buy) homeschool materials? 

Homeschool Classifieds - New & used curriculum. Groups. Events. Your list. Organized.

VegSource.com Talk and Swap

Yahoo! Auctions

Home Educators Resource Organization - Homeschoolbid.com

Many homeschoolers find used educational materials for a discounted price on Ebay and Amazon.

Search for homeschool or field trip opportunities around your city or town!

ClassTrips.com—search for places that offer field trips in any state or city: museums, adventure sports, performing arts,  proms & celebrations, science, social studies, trips…..

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